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Article by Mick of Atlanta Velocity Magazine and also Rider #11

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Thursday, 22 October 2015 03:53
  • Written by JunaProject

We have not had any news from Juna1 in Atlanta for a few days, but Mick has been doing a lot to carry on the JunaProject.
Mick explained that he was very busy with the "Atlanta Velocity Magazine", his online magazine, but he still found time to ride Juna1 and take on some new missions.

Here are the two missions Mick has chosen:
Mission #27 - Appear in a newspaper
Mission #70 - Write a story about your experience with Juna

The article that appeared in the magazine sums up his days riding Juna: climbing the Great Smokey Mountain, accompanying his kids to school, riding the bike along with Watson, the neighbour's dog, and finally his race in the velodrome with a surprise ending.
Thanks Mick for your great effort!

You can read his contribution by clicking on the following image (page 45):


For other articles related to the world of bikes you can visit his online magazine full of interesting articles: