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Article by Mick of Atlanta Velocity Magazine and also Rider #11

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Thursday, 22 October 2015 03:53
  • Written by JunaProject

We have not had any news from Juna1 in Atlanta for a few days, but Mick has been doing a lot to carry on the JunaProject.
Mick explained that he was very busy with the "Atlanta Velocity Magazine", his online magazine, but he still found time to ride Juna1 and take on some new missions.

Here are the two missions Mick has chosen:
Mission #27 - Appear in a newspaper
Mission #70 - Write a story about your experience with Juna

The article that appeared in the magazine sums up his days riding Juna: climbing the Great Smokey Mountain, accompanying his kids to school, riding the bike along with Watson, the neighbour's dog, and finally his race in the velodrome with a surprise ending.
Thanks Mick for your great effort!

You can read his contribution by clicking on the following image (page 45):


For other articles related to the world of bikes you can visit his online magazine full of interesting articles:

New press release appeared in IdeeGreen.it

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Friday, 03 July 2015 09:28
  • Written by JunaProject

Insightful article by Matteo Di Felice of IdeeGreen.it, a website about sustainibility and green economy. He wrote an exhaustive report about the project. Great job! Thanks very much Matteo, looking forward to sharing it with the community. 

Juna2 and Remy on notélé Television… and 2 new missions

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Monday, 20 April 2015 11:24
  • Written by Lucas

And here are Remy's two missions!
Mission #20: Be a bicycle messenger for one day (at least 5 deliveries)
Mission #26: Attend a live TV program or just a TV show



Thanks to Remy's great passion for bikes and his incredible commitment, Juna2 swiftly continues its adventure, reaching 21 missions.

Remy spent a whole day working as a bicycle messenger and making various deliveries. His mission was completely documented by the TV channel  

Click on the image to see the video! 

An enormous thank you to Remy and   for this wonderful report!

New article on Gracq.be

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Thursday, 02 April 2015 06:39
  • Written by JunaProject

A beautiful article of JunaProject appeared in GRACQ, for all our french-speaking supporters!

Le GRACQ – Les Cyclistes Quotidiens is an association whose prime focus is to promote bicycle use in Belgium. The association aims to create the most desirable infrastructure so as to facilitate cycling. It does this bike advocating for improved bicycle infrastructure, building bicycle awareness and providing bicycle safety training for new cyclists.

JunaProject appeared in TuttoGreen.it

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Friday, 13 March 2015 10:55
  • Written by Lucas

Amazing article appeared in TuttoGreen.it. "TuttoGreen.it" is an online magazine from Italy. They cover the latest trends in environment, sustainability, green economy, etc. 

We would like to express our appreciation to Claudia and Rossella for this beautiful article.

Tour-Magazin and JunaProject

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Friday, 21 November 2014 08:06
  • Written by Lucas

No words to describe this surprise! "Tour Magazine" has published a short review about JunaProject's adventures.
"Tour Magazine" is the biggest European cyclesport print magazine, covering all corners of the cycling world... and we are so happy they support us and believe in our project. 

We will upload the article as PDF file next month.

JunaProject in the news

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 11:10
  • Written by Lucas

See what people are saying about the JunaProject. You can click the links below.






JunaProject is back on air

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Monday, 06 October 2014 06:54
  • Written by Lucas

In the next few days a radio interview will be released on "Radio Fiume Ticino". We would like to thank Oliver for contacting us and for the nice chat Wink

Here is a short preview of the radio show.

Outstandig Website Award to JunaProject from WMA's Webaward

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Tuesday, 16 September 2014 10:37
  • Written by Lucas

JunaProject is pleased to announce that its website has won the Web Marketing Association's Outstanding Website Award in the "social network" category.

This year's entries were judged on the following seven criteria on a scale of 0–10 points: design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use.

The Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 to help set a high standard for Internet marketing and development of the best websites on the World Wide Web. Staffed by volunteers, this organization is made up of Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top web site design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.

JunaProject appeared in BiciLive.it

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Saturday, 02 August 2014 16:49
  • Written by Lucas

Bicilive.it is an online information platform entirely dedicated to cycling in all its forms: from mountain biking to road biking, and from kids bikes to professional cycling. 

A nice article appeared on their "Urban" section.

Juna1 and Ben on KiKa LIVE television... and 3 new missions!

  • Category: Press
  • Published: Saturday, 19 July 2014 09:25
  • Written by Lucas

Last month we met Ben and the "KiKa Live" crew for an interview. "KiKa Live" is a program of "KiKa" (Kinderkanal), a german broadcaster.

Igor (Rider # 4) passed Juna1 to Ben, who has dealt with 3 new missions for JunaProject! All this took place between Zurich and Pfronten (Germany).

Accomplished Missions:
#26 - Attend a live TV program or just a TV show
#40 - Participate in any kind of bicycle race
#42 - Ride the bike with at least 30 balloons attached to it 

Links to KiKa Live videos:
"Alles rund ums Rad - 3. Tag" (16.7.2014)
"Alles rund ums Rad - 4. Tag" (17.7.2014)

... and here on YouTube:


A big "Thank you" to "KiKa TV", Ben and Eva K. !