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This is Juna 2!


This is an extraordinary kind of bicycle. It can be lengthened and shortened. It was found in the suburbs of Milan in the care of a racing bicycle collector.


Its history is shrouded in mystery, as it was stored for 30 years in a warehouse along with a whole lot of other objects and was discovered recently during a move.


It could be a prototype made by a bicycle company in Milan, known as Stucchi, but we are not certain.


We did a lot of research and contacted several experts, but unfortunately we found no information regarding this strange bicycle.


The best thing is the locking mechanism that allows the bike to be lenghtened and shortened with ease, lending itself to be conveniently carried on any means of transport.


UPDATE (7th of July 2014)

Juna 2 is a "Fiocchi Cometa Sprint" bicycle... a big "thank you" to Clark for the information! Click here for more news!

Name: Juna 2
Gears: no gears
Wheel size: 20”
Distinguishing Features: it can be lengthened and shortened
Place of Birth: Italy
First Appearance: Milano
Visited countries: