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JunaProject is looking for sponsorship from organisations or individuals who are willing to provide direct funding, that will contribute towards the successful completion of the project. 

Sponsors wishing to support JunaProject can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any other ideas on how you can help, we'd love to hear them. Please contact us here at any time.

100 Missions = 100 Bicycles for 100 Children

We have created a fundraising campaign to collect donations from private individuals or sponsors.
After the 100 missions have been completed, or at the end of this project, we will donate 100 bicycles to 100 children, who walk from home to school every day.

With this initiative, we particularly want to help children who have to walk for several hours a day to get to school.
We will give a bicycle to each child, so that he/she can easily reach school, allowing him/her to have access to education.

There are associations with a lot of experience in this field that could help us or even just give us ideas. Here are a few interesting projects:


World Bicycle Relief is mobilizing people through the Power of Bicycles. "We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare and economic opportunity!" (quote from Worldbicyclerelief's website)

Velafrica is a swiss based NGO, that provide recycled bicycles to schools or organizations in Africa.
Velafrica helps the people in Africa to access education, health care and avail themselves of economic opportunities. Anyone who has a bicycle will be able to transport much more and travel much greater distances. It leaves more time in which to learn and cultivate the fields.

Wish for Wheels is determined to make a difference by providing new bikes and helmets to elementary school kids in Denver (USA). 

Bicycles for Humanity shipped more than 100'000 bicycles to the developing countries.

The second, more challenging, option: those of us at JunaProject organise everything from fund-raising, to searching for bikes and maintaining them, to the paperwork and logistics.

We have lots of ideas, and I am sure you do too... so, if you have suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time!



You can support us by making a "One-Time Donation" (Paypal). There are no specific amounts, donations are free, and you can donate however much you like.
We accept bitcoin too.



Free JunaProject T-Shirt, Stickers, Postcards for donations over 60usd!

For other payment options, just contact us.
(Financial support of JunaProject is not tax-deductible.)

Thanks for your support!


A huge THANK YOU to the following individuals or companies who so generously helped us to raise funds for our project or just supported us in some other way:




- Diana Corica, Switzerland
- Nicolas Realini, Switzerland
- Jacek Pulawski, Switzerland - Photoreporter - www.pulawski.ch
- Juliana Realini, Switzerland
- Thomas Cavadini, Switzerland
- Fabrizio Okle, Switzerland
- Bruno Realini, Switzerland
- Oscar and Alicia Realini, Switzerland
- Samuele Cavadini, Switzerland
- Simone Cantamessa, Switzerland
- Giorgia Cavadini, Switzerland
- Barbara Realini, Switzerland
- Marina Realini, Switzerland
- Ivan Schick, Switzerland
- Doriano Senese, Switzerland
- Guido Miglietta, Switzerland
- Adeola Adeoti, Nigeria - Web Developer and Database Administrator
- Mary Blazes, Scotland
- Federico Parli, Switzerland
- Juna Moroder, Italy
- Dimitri Loringett, Switzerland
- Sachiyo Ikeda-Zuehlke, United States
- Gaböt "Friend of the Böögg", Switzerland
- Carlotta Serafini, Italy
- Raffaele De Simone, Switzerland
- Mattia Daguet, Switzerland
- Fam. Albom, Switzerland
- Carol Kühn - Athos Minoretti, Switzerland
- Brunello Ponti, Switzerland
- Sophie & Gabriel Miglietta, Switzerland
- Mario & Heidy Corica, Switzerland
- Manuela D'Angelo, Switzerland
- Giorgio Battaini & Petra Wetterhall, Sweden
- Veronica Soldati, Switzerland
- Dario Milan, Italy
- Maqs Rossi & The Dirty Trio, Switzerland
- Federico Bianchini & The Vacallo Crew (and the dog), Switzerland
- Denise Dagliano, Switzerland
- Alexandra Kessler, Switzerland
- Francesco Vass, Zürich, Switzerland
- Giacomo Toffetti-Carughi, Como, Switzerland
- Igor Maggini AKA DJ Diego Suarez, Wohlen, Switzerland
- Eva Knäusl, Berlin, Germany - KiKa TV
- Bernhard "Ben" Blümel, Germany - KiKa Moderator
- The Härtel Family, Germany
- Mauro Sacco, London, England - VeloRec Music
- Tom Alemanno, London, England - VeloRec Music
- Simona Sacco, London, England
- Janice Kauert, Hamburg, Germany
- The Will Family (Josefa, Achim, Max, Moritz), Bad Neustadt, Germany
- Michael Kellenbenz & Helen Schepers, Hamburg, Germany - KonzertKultour
- Stefan Mathez, London, England
- Jana Fazari, Hamburg, Germany
- Leni Lu, Hamburg, Germany
- Hellen Rau, Hamburg, Germany
- Daniel Hoffmann, Hamburg, Germany
- Michele Balmelli, Ticino, Switzerland
- Roberto Bassi, Cadro, Ticino, Switzerland
- Stefan Höchst, Düsseldorf, Germany
- Laura Lange, Leichlingen, Germany
- Stephanie Lapointe, London, England
- Superheroes: Yuan Ming, Dustin, Laura, Stefan
- Jessica Benson, Atlanta, USA
- Aline et Aurelien, Saint-Max, France - Dynamo, l'Atlelier du Vélo
- Nicolò, Venegono Superiore, Italy
- Leon, Köln, Germany
- Remy Van Genechten, Tournai, Belgium - L'Heureux Cyclage
- Rebecca Serna, Atlanta, USA - Atlanta Bicycle Coalition
- Joe Zorzetti, Köln, Germany
- Aylin Boecker, Köln, Germany
- Matteo Di Felice, Italy - IdeeGreen.it
- Jonas Schumacher. Köln, Germany
- Mick Lancaster, Atlanta, USA - Atlanta Velocity Magazine
- Yves and Sven, Liège, Belgium - Pignon Express
- Sara Rojas Berzosa, Toledo, Spain - Pepita Bikes
- Fujinyi, Shanghai, China
- Jean-Marc Simon, France
- Erich Costantino, Pinerolo, Italy - La Base Palestre - La Tana del Lupo
- Philippe Renkens, Liege, Belgium
- Zhiwei Yang, Shanghai, China
- Edoardo Bonetto, Pinerolo, Italy
- Alma and Gilles, Liège, Belgium
- Jiyue, Shanghai, China
- Jacopo Spatola, Rivoli, Italy - Biketrack
- HuiRu (Brenda), Shanghai, China
- Massimo Tocci, Torino, Italy - FIAB Bici e Dintorni Torino
- Carolina Villalobos, Shanghai, China
- Raffaella, Perosa Argentina, Italy
- Pauline, Shanghai, China
- Gilles, Shanghai, China
- TJ Meagher, Seul, South Korea