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Juna3 - Missions accomplished

#1 - Take a flight - Juliana, Switzerland
#4 - 3 generations of the same family have to ride the bike (one at a time) - Erich, Pinerolo, Italy
#5 - Carry the bike up at least 10 floors of a building and then go down by elevator - Raffaella, Perosa Argentina, Italy
#8 - Go to a birthday party with a nice gift - Erich, Pinerolo, Italy
#15 - Ride as a superhero and help people do their daily tasks - Stefan, Germany - Laura, Leichlingen, Germany
#16 - Ride 100 km in one day - Biketrack, Italy
#21 - Take part in a Critical Mass or a bicycle rally - Leon, Köln, Germany
#39 - Go to work by bike and introduce it to the boss and to the secretary
- Juliana, Switzerland
#39 - Go to work by bike and introduce it to the boss and to the secretary - Jana, Germany
#42 - Ride the bike with at least 30 balloons attached to itLeni, Hamburg, Germany
#44 - 400 meter track & field challenge - Juna vs. Athlete - Jonas / Aylin, Köln, Germany
#60 - The bike has to be used by a sports coach during training! - Giorgio, Motala, Sweden
#64 - Make a short movie with the bike - Sara, Toledo, Spain
#72 - Ride over 20 different bridges in one dayLeni, Hamburg, Germany
#73 - Ride in a velodrome - Biketrack, Italy
#74 - Ride for 1 hour without stoppingJana, Germany 
#75 - Make a picture with the bicycle, turn it into a postcard and send it to us - Stefan, Düsseldorf, Germany
#80 - Spend a night at the cinema or at a drive-in cinema - Petra, Sweden
#81 - Ride the bike wearing high heels - Leni, Hamburg, Germany
#83 - Ride around a lake - Janice, Hamburg, Germany
#89 - Visit a bicycle factory or shop and take a tour by bike with the manager - Erich, Pinerolo, Italy
#98 - A university professor has to take the bike to his/her lecture and introduce it to the class - Juliana, Switzerland

Bonus Mission: Janice and Juna3 at the "Fahrrad" exhibit in Hamburg - Janice, Hamburg, Germany
Michael at the Appletree Garden Festival with Juna3 - Michael, Hamburg, Germany
Juna3 - Going at school by bikeStefan, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mission #7: Jonas carrying Juna3 on his backJonas, Köln, Germany
A wonderful trek through the snow - Erich, Pinerolo, Italy
Massimo, Elisa and Juna3 travelling throughout Italy - Massimo, Italy