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Juna2 - Missions accomplished

#1 - Take a flight - Mauro, London, Switzerland
#2 - Go for a boat ride!
- Ivan, Switzerland
#2 - Go for a boat rideStephanie, London, England
#3 - Take a ride by tram or streetcar - Aline et Orel, Saint Max, France
#4 - 3 generations of the same family have to ride the bike!
- Ivan, Switzerland
#8 - Go to a birthday party with a nice gift - Philippe, Belgium
#9 - Go to a wedding and let the bride ride the bike - Ivan, Switzerland
#14 - Ride under a full moon dressed as Dracula!
- Brunello, Switzeraland and Samuele, Switzerland
#20 - Be a bicycle messenger for one day (at least 5 deliveries) - Remy, Belgium
#21 - Take part in a Critical Mass or a bicycle rallyAurelien and Aline, Nancy, France
#21 - Take part in a Critical Mass or a bicycle rally - Yves and Sven, Liège, Belgium
#23 - Ride with any kind of animalStephanie, London, England
#26 - Attend a live TV program or just a TV showRemy, Belgium
#27 - Appear in a newspaperBrunello, Switzeralnd
#31: Go camping for the weekend - Alma et Gilles, Belgium
#32 - Take a family portrait with the bicycleStephanie, London, England
#39 - Go to work by bike and introduce it to the boss and to the secretary - Stephanie, London, England
#42 - Ride the bike with at least 30 balloons attached to it
Samuele, Switzerland
#55 - Get 10 pies in the face while you ride the bike - Samuele, Switzerland
#58 - A singer of a band has to go to his/her concert by bicycle and he/she has to ride it on the stage - Samuele, Switzerland
#61 - Make a comic strip of one mission you chose - Stephanie, London, England
#70: Write a poem or a story about your experience with Juna - Alma et Gilles, Belgium
#74 - Ride for 1 hour without stopping - Stefan, London
#83 - Ride around a lake - Giacomo, Como, Italy
#88 - Ride through a bar/pub… and then drink 1 beer with the pub costumers! - Giacomo, Italy

Having breakfast at Bricklane Coffee in London - Tom, London, England
Reparation de la pédale du Juna2 - Aurelien and Aline, Nancy, France
A complete check up for Juna2 at Atelier DynamoAurelien and Aline, Nancy, France
And here is Juna2 at the skatepark Remy, Belgium