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Juna1 - A long journey from the U.S. to China

Fujinyi is the name of our new Rider! With great determination he did everything he could to organize the trip of Juna1 from Atlanta to Shanghai. We appreciate it very much!

Fujinyi is a master student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Taking advantage of the semester break, he decided to pack the bike and bring it along with him back home to China!

Hence, two missions have been accomplished in this journey from a continent to another:
Mission #01 - Take a flight
Mission #33 - Reach Asia


The flight to China has been very long and exhausting, and Juna1 with his amazing Rider needed some rest. The bicycle went to a mechanic for a general check-up and a quick fix. Now it is again healthy and ready to face new adventures and missions in the land of the dragon.

Here are a couple of photos of Juna1 first ride on Chinese soil:


We, of JunaProject, are excited for this big move, and as usual, we are looking forward to discovering new places and getting to know interesting riders.

In the next days, we are going to post new photos with additional information about the adventures of Fujinyi and Juna1.

We would like to express our gratitude to Sachiyo and Mick for having contributed to the accomplishment of Fujinyi’s missions.