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Réparation de la pédale du Juna2

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to ride her bicycle. She loved whizzing through the city streets. Her name was Aline and her travelling companion was Juna2. They were inseparable.

The inhabitants of the village saw them flying by practically every day, sometimes in the evening and sometimes at dawn.

Some say that Juna2 had appeared suddenly on a cold winter night, and that it arrived by boat, all alone, from a distant town in the north. Others say that the bicycle had materialised as if by magic from the drawings of a young French girl.

On a morning, like so many other mornings, Aline mounted Juna2  and headed off, planning to pedal without ever stopping. She decided that she would only stop pedalling when she met her knight in shining armour riding a white horse. But Aline soon realised that something was wrong. Perhaps the bike had been poorly "drawn" by the French girl. All of a sudden, one of the two pedals gave way, throwing her to the ground. But Aline did not want to give up and, gathering all the strength she had in her body and legs, she tried to continue her journey down the path.

She managed to turn a corner near a house, but then her strength ran out.


Aline was terribly upset because she firmly believed that that day her life would have changed and she would have met someone special.

Fortunately, just in this her darkest hour, Aurelien appeared with his special cart. Luck had it that Aurelien knew the art of repairing antique bicycles and he could not help but comfort Aline and offer her his services.

Aline and Aurelien looked at each other and some kind of magic began to fill their eyes. A strange feeling warmed their hearts. However, Aline immediately realised that, until Juna2 was repaired, this magical story could not continue. Thankfully, Aurelien understood the situation and, in the depths of his heart, he realised that he had met his long desired beloved. All he could do was load Juna2 onto his cart and take it to his Atelier Dynamo, where he attempted to fix the bicycle pedal.


After watching the sun rise three times, and having worked hard through the nights, Aurelien finally finished fixing Juna2's pedal.



Tired but happy, he sent a trusted person to call Aline! As she stood in front of the atelier, she could not help but shout for joy and embrace the man who saved her when she saw that Juna2 once again had its pedal.

And so was born the great love story between Aline and Aurelien.

No one knows what happened to Juna2. It is said that Aline and Aurelien let it continue on its journey to new adventures and missions. Apparently the bike set out "alone" looking for new people to help.

(Story by Lucas - Translation by Mirella Biaggi)