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Juna1 at Irhönman in Bad Neustadt

Juna1 had the honour of visiting the Ihrönman in Bad Neustadt. It is a 3-day popular sporting event.
The first day is dedicated to running, the second to swimming, and the third cycling.

On Saturday, Seffi took Juna1 to the "Triamare" pool where the swimming events were taking place and where he had the honour of meeting Thomas Lurz, a German swimmer who specialises in long-distance freestyle swimming, especially open water swimming (silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics and world champion over various distances). 


Thomas Lurz on Wikipedia

The next day, Achim took the bike and participated in the "Kuppenritt", completing various courses on the bike. The weather was not the best, but a true sportsman like Achim can ride in any conditions.

Thanks for this wonderful adventure!