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We have come up with 100 special missions to carry out during this trip.

Every rider has the opportunity to choose one of the many missions available. You can complete more than one mission, we think 3 or 4 is a good amount, you can also repeat missions... and then let the bike travel!

 : still to do         : number of times, a mission was accomplished; link to all accomplished missions 



#1  Take a flight
#2 Go for a boat ride
#3 Take a ride by tram
#4 3 generations of the same family have to ride the bike (one at a time)
#5 Carry the bike up at least 10 floors of a building and then go down by elevator.
#6 Board on a steam locomotive train
#7 Put the bike on your back and walk on all fours for 444m

Go to a birthday party with a nice gift

#9 Go to a wedding and let the bride ride the bike
#10 Attend a Triathlon (short distance)
#11 Go to a fast food drive-through with the bicycle
#12 Attach a radio to the carrier rack, play a song and sing aloud while you ride!
#13 Ride from sunrise to sunset… we want to see the sun go up and down
#14 Ride under a full moon dressed as Dracula
#15 Ride as a superhero and help people do their daily tasks  
#16 Ride 100km in one day    
#17 Ride in the rain wearing a swimsuit    
#18 A policeman has to ride the bike wearing his/her uniform
#19 Ride in a desert wearing a Mexican hat or a turban or just a nice hat    
#20 Be a bicycle messenger for one day (at least 5 deliveries)  


Take part in a Critical Mass or a bicycle rally



Ride from sunset to sunrise… one whole night with the bike



Ride with any kind of animal



Ride dressed as a skier, including ski-boots



Skydiving or paragliding or bungee-jumping or rope swing or zipline with the bicycle



Attend a live TV program or just a TV show



Appear in a newspaper



Remake a movie scene using the bicycle



Hot air balloon ride



Helicopter ride



Go camping for the weekend



Take a family portrait with the bicycle



Reach Asia



Reach Africa



Reach North America



Reach South America



Reach Oceania



Reach Central America



Go to work by bike and introduce it to the boss and to the secretary



Participate in any kind of bicycle race



Bring the bike up a volcano



Ride the bike with at least 30 balloons attached to it



Go trekking at least above 3500 meters altitude



400 meter track & field challenge - Juna vs. Athlete



Ride 1 lap of a Formula1 or MotoGp or IndyCar circuit
wearing a motorbike helmet



The bicycle has to appear on a fashion-catwalk show



An opera singer has to ride the bicycle and he has to sing



A 10 year old kid has to ride the bicycle carrying an E.T. puppet!



Ride the bike with a kite attached to it



Run and push the bicycle on a half-marathon (without riding) 
or just push it for 21.097494 km



Ride the bike as a clown and make people laugh



Attend a spinning lesson on a bicycle roller



A 2.16m tall person has to ride the bike



A professional soccer player (with soccer shoes) has to ride the bicycle



Get 10 pies in the face while you ride the bike



A classical ballet dancer wearing a tutu has to ride the bicycle



Pizza delivery (5 deliveries in 5 different homes)



A singer of a band has to go to his/her concert by bicycle 
and he/she has to ride it on the stage (Eddie Vedder?! Manu Chao!?)



The bike has to appear in a movie



The bike has to be used by a sports coach during race training



Make a comic strip of one mission you chose



Challenge an e-bike over a distance of 100 meters



Go on a carousel with the bike 



Make a “short movie” with the bike



Stop and hug 10 people



Meet the president of a country and let him ride the bike



Romantic "Meeting & Dating" by bike



Teach someone to cycle



"High 5" 50 random bicycle riders



Write a poem or a story about your experience with Juna



Take a picture with 100 riders



Ride over 20 different bridges in one day



Ride in a velodrome



Ride for 1 hour without stopping



Make a picture with the bicycle, turn it into a postcard and send it to us



Spend one whole day riding and sitting on the bicycle
(eating, drinking, reading, sightseeing, etc.)



Write a song about your experience with Juna and make a music video



Visit a Car-Free island



Hitchhike with the bicycle



Spend a night at the cinema or at a drive-in cinema



Ride wearing high heels



Go to the zoo by bicycle



Ride around a lake



Ride through 100 streets of your city



Act as a tour guide by bike in your city



Convince 10 unknown cyclists to follow you



Dress in vintage clothes together with another 10 cyclists and ride in your region



Ride through a bar/pub… and then drink 1 beer with the pub costumers



Visit a bicycle factory or shop and take a tour by bike with the manager


Take the bike and change your life



Attach some Christmas lights (they should work) and ride at night 



A truck driver has to give you and the bike a lift



A Nobel Prize Winner has to ride the bike



The bicycle must be part of a circus show



A referee (soccer, football, rugby, basketball or anything else) has to ride the bike
and complete one circuit of the field while waving at the audience.



Ride the bike carrying 50 red roses... then give flowers to all the girls/or boys you meet! 



A hairdresser must persuade 5 strangers to sit on the bike and get their hair cut. 



A university professor has to take the bike to his/her lecture and introduce it
to the class



Ride the bike on a functioning airport runway



Last mission: go back home!



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