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About the project

How long can I keep the bicycle?
There's no set rule. The idea is to let the bicycles travel as much as possible from one place to another with different riders.

Can I do whatever I want with JunaBicycles?
You can be creative and you have the freedom to play around as long as you respect the law, people, and the environment.

Can I travel by any means of transportation?
Yes. Each person organizes his or her own part of the journey as he or she wants. Expenses are on you. 

Can I film, photograph, or write an article when I am in possession of a bicycle?
It is not compulsory; however we would like to receive as much information as possible about the people who are using the bicycles, and their adventures and experiences. You can also just send us your name and the journey you have done. If you'd like to remain anonymous, you can give us a nickname.

When making videos, do I have to speak?
If you wish, you can speak, interview, or do any other type of action. You're free to film whether you speak or not. 

Can I film or write in my native language?
Yes, of course. Where possible we will translate the material accordingly.

Can I submit to you a video that has been already edited?
Yes, you can edit your own video if you wish to. If you intend to add music to the video, please first check its audio license.

About the bicycles:

Should I lock the bicycle? Yes, to avoid any theft.
If possible, store it in private spaces.

The bicycle is broken, what should I do?
Try to fix the damage yourself and if it is major, go to an expert or a bicycle technician. For any questions regarding issues with the bikes, please contact us. 

I lost my bicycle or it was stolen, what should I do?
Contact us as soon as possible, in order to let us know the facts. 

About the 100 missions:

Am I obliged to complete a mission?
No, it is not compulsory, but it is worth taking a look at the list because there are all types of mission.

Can I do a mission that has already been done?
Yes, you can. You can give it a personal touch or try to vary it.

Can I invent a mission?
Interesting missions will definitely be published. The missions can be redone, trying to vary the as much as possible.
Nonetheless, the idea is to complete all the missions and bring the three bicycles back home.

Why 100 missions?
Because we want to have fun and see you have fun with our bikes! We have tried to create as diverse a list as possible, with some easier missions and some more difficult ones.

General Questions: 

Is there insurance coverage for the bicycle users?
No, JunaProject does not assume any responsibility in case of accidents, or theft. To avoid any problems, we suggest you check the bicycle before using it.

The bicycle was delivered to me, but I don't feel like using it; what should I do?
You can give it to another friend, acquaintance or relative. 

Should I use a helmet when I use the bicycle?
It depends on the laws of your country. If it is not mandatory, you can decide whether to wear one or not. 

If I am fined by the police, am I obliged to pay for it?
Yes, whoever is in possession of the bicycle must assume his/her responsibility in case of infractions of traffic law. We advise you inform yourself about the traffic laws of the country where you are traveling in/to.

If you have any other questions, just contact us.



Here a short video from YouTube, that shows how to change a bicycle inner tube. Removing the wheel of our bicycles is a little bit different, but the rest of the video can be really helpful.

This is a nice instructional video showing how to lock a bicycle. 


It's important to be seen at night!



How to share your photos or videos:

1. You can use filedropper.com, a free online file sharing service (maximum size: 5gb). Here a video with instructions.

2. You can use wetransfer.com (maximum size: 2gb)

3. Google's cloud service. It also allows to share files. google.com/drive

4. If you use dropbox.com, see instructions below: