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Community #JunaProjectMission10 - Michael attending a triathlon with his foldingbike

  • Category: Community
  • Published: Thursday, 28 July 2016 09:00
  • Written by JunaProject
A very challenging mission comes to us from our community. Michael Brichta contacted us these days to tell us one of his very special adventures. Michael is a 36-year old from Lorräch, Germany, married, a father, and always looking for new challengers.

This year he has decided to take part in a triathlon, but since he didn't have a road bike or a mountain bike, the only thing he could still do was to train with his folding bike.
After a technical inspection, the bike was ready to conquer the streets.
Between work, family and other commitments, he succeeded to prepare for the race and, on July 2 of this year, he faced the triathlon of Schopfeim.



Michael was very motivated and everything went great, he even managed to be the 37th out of 60 competitors.

The distances were: 400 m swimming, 21 km road biking, 5 km running.


We are proud for the result obtained by Michael, but especially for having told us this fantastic story!
Until today none of our Riders dared to undertake the mission no. 10 of JunaProject, but sooner or later someone is going to do it!
Meanwhile, we are waiting for new missions from China, Belgium and Italy.

Thank you, Michael, and good luck with your future challenges!