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Community #JunaProjectMission40 - The CronoGraziella

Another great "Community Mission"!
#JunaProjectMission40 - Participate in any kind of bicycle race!

This is a really unique downhill race: "The CronoGraziella"!

In fact, participants of this race compete in riding some cool vintage folding bikes! “Graziella” (Wikipedia link) is the name of a cult folding bicycle brand of the 60s. This competition is indeed a tribute to this epic bicycle!

The race was held on October, 18th at the "Tana del Lupo" in San Secondo di Pinerolo (Italy)

... And here's the list of all the “CronoGraziella” heroes:

Erich Constantine, Edoardo Bonetto, Francis Bonetto, David Bouchard, Andrea Allasia, David Ravera, Tommy Patrucco, Marco Pozzo, Leonardo Di Pierdomenico, Matthew Bocco Bocco Francis, Francis Terrible, Matthew Planchon, Lorenzo Ruffini, Simon Bordiga, Frederick Small.



Thanks Erich for giving us all the informations!