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Community #JunaProjectMission10 - Michael attending a triathlon with his foldingbike

  • Category: Community
  • Published: Thursday, 28 July 2016 09:00
  • Written by JunaProject
A very challenging mission comes to us from our community. Michael Brichta contacted us these days to tell us one of his very special adventures. Michael is a 36-year old from Lorräch, Germany, married, a father, and always looking for new challengers. Read more: Community #JunaProjectMission10 - Michael attending a triathlon with his foldingbike

Community #JunaProjectMission81 - Antonella from Cagliari

This is Antonella's #JunaProjectMission81 for the community. Riding a foldingbike wearing high heels!
Antonella is from Cagliari in Italy, and she loves to explore the beautiful island of Sardinia by foldingbike. Great style and beautiful photo Wink

Samuele's last ride with Juna2

Samuele's (Rider #1 - Juna2) last ride from Somazzo to Mendrisio on May 14, 2014.
Filmed by Samuele with GoPro Hero2, edited by JunaProject.
Thanks a lot for the video and your contribution!