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Making of JunaProject

We started shooting some videos on February 2013 and we had a lot of fun!
This is the Making of JunaProject... here a few funny moments!

Why are we doing this?

JunaProject started out as a simple experiment. Originally the idea was to share a bike with friends and let it travel, passing it from person to person...with the goal of seeing how far it would go.

Then, between a chat and another, things evolved into what they are now:

We've found ourselves with 3 bikes to repair and a website to update. Additionally, the project appeared on different social networks, and we created a YouTube channel, which means more work with video editing.

The level of work and commitment up until now has been amazing, nevertheless this is a project that is a lot of fun and allows us to do something positive for the world.

Here are just a couple of messages that we would like to convey through JunaProject:

  • promote the use of bicycles
  • promote healthy living and physical activity
  • promote sustainable transport
  • foster friendship, trust and relationships between people
  • foster the concept of sharing in general
  • have fun, not only with bikes but in life in general
  • dream big!

Another couple of days till the departure of the bikes... are you ready to start this adventure with us?