Raffaella carrying Juna3 up to 10 floors of a building

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  • Published: Tuesday, 08 November 2016 09:28
  • Written by JunaProject
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Climbing the stairs with a bicycle over your shoulders is not the most comfortable thing to do, especially when there is a lift. Of course all of this is part of the JunaProject and one of its 100 missions!

A few deep breaths and Raffaella starts walking up the stairs of the building, bringing Juna3 up one floor at a time. Without too much difficulty Raffaella and Juna3 managed to reach the tenth floor and admired the city of Pinerolo from above!

Mission #5: Carry the bike up at least 10 floors of a building and then go down by elevator.

Well done!

A big thank you also goes to Barbara for having accompanied Raffaella and filming this crazy feat.

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