Massimo, Elisa and Juna3 travelling throughout Italy

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  • Published: Tuesday, 20 September 2016 06:32
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And here's a new mission of Juna3, pursued by Massimo and his partner Elisa. As we know, Juna3 arrived a couple of weeks ago in Turin, thanks to the collaboration between "Biketrack" and "FIAB - Bici e Dintorni".

In short, this beautiful couple decided to bring Juna3 on vacation, departing from Turin and wanting to reach Taranto, Metaponto and Alberobello.

We think that this ''extra-mission'' is fantastic, because it shows that travelling with folding bicycles is easy, practical and funny, since they can be easily transported on a bus, a train or by pedaling happily while exploring the various regions.

Massimo and Elisa have first visited Taranto, then travelled about 20 km near Metaponto, to discover the beauties of Magna Graecia, and other 15 km through the streets of Alberobello, one of the most beautiful areas of Italy.

We decided to post a map of their journey, together with their photos... JunaProject and Bici e Dintorni are available if you need information about this route.

Here is the map of their journey:

Here you can find a couple of wonderful pictures taken along the route:

Thanks a lot guys for making us travel with you to these beautiful regions of Italy!

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