Juna1 meets a new rider in Shanghai

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  • Published: Tuesday, 02 August 2016 10:25
  • Written by JunaProject
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Juna1 arrived in Shanghai in December 2015 and apparently the bike will stay there for a while. We are unable to tell you for how long, but deep inside we hope that she can soon resume her journey to discover new regions or countries.

Jiyue behaved in an exceptional way, managing to accomplish a new mission and to find a new "rider". She gave her folding bike to her friend HuiRu. HuiRu (or Brenda for friends) is from Taiwan, she studied at Tsinghua University of Beijing, and recently moved to Shanghai, where she works for an Internet-based company as a product manager.

Therefore Juna1 will be very useful for her to discover the city and its atttractions. We can only wish her to have fun!

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