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  • Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 13:12
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Alma and Gilles, the Riders from Liège, have provided us with some material about the two new JunaProject missions undertaken. They are two very special missions that none of the other Riders had faced so far.

These are the missions:
Mission #31: Go camping for the weekend
Mission #70: Write a poem or a story about your experience with Juna

The poem is about the 250 km cycling trip in the Flanders region of Belgium. Three days of long rides where Alma and Gilles took turns riding the bike, so as to continue travelling without getting too tired out. Travelling all that distance with Juna2 was a truly heroic undertaking!

In addition, our brave Riders decided to camp out in tents at night, immersing themselves in the JunaProject spirit!

Below is the poem. We decided to leave it in French as we have received:

En vacances, elle a voulu aller. En vacances, nous l'avons emmenée.

La Flandres, connaître elle voulait… Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait!

Dormir en tente elle a souhaité. Son souhait, deux fois, nous avons exaucé.

Pour voguer, elle nous a tannés. Sur l'eau, elle a glissé!

Des kilomètres, parcourir, elle rêvait. 250 kilomètres elle a fait!

Nous l'aimons, nous l'adorons ! À Paris, pour un diner romantique, nous l'emporterons!

Et la laisserons!
- Alma et Gilles -

Here are some pictures!

We cannot thank Alma and Gilles enough for having contibuted to JunaProject!

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