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Erich and Juna3 at Bikecafe in Pinerolo

News has arrived from Pinerolo! And we have also managed to get in touch with the riders in China and Belgium, giving us the boost we needed to carry on with the JunaProject.

Juna3 was invited to spend a day with the bikes from the Bikecafe, one of the biggest bicycle shops in Pinerolo.
Our wonderful folding bike took great pleasure in riding up and down, posing for photos and being photographed with other extraordinary bikes.


As always we would like to thank the protagonists of this trip... first off Erich, for his incredible commitment... and Gianluca Caruso, Bikecafe's mechanic, who was kind enough to host Juna3.

We have therefore completed another mission:

Mission #89 - Visit a bicycle factory or shop and take a tour by bike with the manager!

Grazie ragazzi!