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Juna3 reaches la bella Italia

Juna3, our Bianchi bicycle that can be divided into two parts, returns to Italy.

Two years ago, we bought it from a farmer in Varese (Italy). It was in good condition and it was the perfect bike for embarking on a great adventure.
And so it did. Juna3 wandered for months going from one European country to another, before finally reaching the town of Pinerolo in Piedmont (Italy).

Thanks to Sara and Pepita Bikes we were able to use their delivery service and pass it on to Erich, our new Italian rider!  

Erich is passionate about cycling and member of the "Tana del Lupo" (Wolf's Lair), a crazy community that works to promote all kinds of activities linked to the bikes... the "Chronograziella" event is our favourite one, it is an extreme downhill race with vintage folding bikes! 

We would also like to thank La Base Palestre, who welcomed Juna3 with open arms! 


We have every confidence in Erich and we believe that he can give us a huge hand in continuing JunaProject! 

Thank you and have fun!