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Juna3 arrives in Spain

After 16 months in Germany, Juna3 has changed country and is continuing its adventure in Spain!
Sara is our new Rider and she will take care of the bike for the next few days.

But how did Juna3 end up in Toledo?

Sara found out about the JunaProject when she was visiting Cologne. She contacted us and together with Jonas we tried to organise passing the bicycle on to her. Unfortunately we did not manage it in time and Sara had to go back to Spain without Juna3. We nevertheless remained in touch to see if it was possible to continue the project in Toledo.

Sara is a huge fan of bicycles and manages Pepita Bikes, a fixed-gear bike shop in Toledo. Thanks to her contacts, and by working closely with other transport companies, she was able to arrange collecting Juna3 in Germany! 

So Juna3 travelled in a nice cardboard box from Cologne to Toledo!


Once again we saw the riders collaborating well... Jonas and Sara have done a great job... and the adventure continues!