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Juna3 - Leaving Hamburg, new riders, and a new city... Düsseldorf

We have to admit, Juna3 had a great time in Hamburg, but now time has come to continue the journey on to other interesting cities and places. 

Leni's roomate Hellen, met Daniel and passed him the bike. Daniel spent the last few days in Hamburg with Juna3.

During the past weekend, Daniel prepared himself for his trip to Düsseldorf, disassembling the bike and placing it in the car trunk.

On Monday, Daniel and friends, traveled to Düsseldorf to go see a football game between "Fortuna Düsseldorf" and "FC St.Pauli".
Unfortunately for Daniel, "FC St. Pauli" lost 0-1, but despite that, he made us a great favor by bringing the bike to Stefan ... thanks a lot!

Daniel (on the right) meeting Stefan (on the left) in Düsseldorf.

Juna3's adventure will continue in Düsseldorf Wink