Juna1 is officially in Atlanta, USA

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  • Published: Friday, 10 October 2014 09:12
  • Written by Lucas
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Now it's official ... In the last months Sachiyo was in Bayreuth (Germany) for work, and in these days she returned home to Atlanta (USA) taking Juna1 with her!


It was not an easy journey, there have been some difficulties in packing Juna1, because one side of the bicycle handle didn’t fit in the bag. At least the folding bike arrived safe, but her luggage missed a connecting flight and reached the destination only a few days later.

Finally, it all worked out and 2 new missions have been accomplished! 

# 1 - Take a flight 

# 35 - Reach North America 

A photo of Sachiyo and the Atlanta city skyline.


Ready for new adventures. 

We are excited about this great step, and we are looking forward to experiencing next adventures!

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