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100 bicycles for 100 children

We have completed "27 missions", and there is still a long "journey" ahead. It is not easy to manage a project like this, because anything can happen at any time... be it positive or negative... but that's the beauty of JunaProject! This is our challenge and we look forward to the bicycles tackling their last mission: Go back home!

In recent days we have started to discuss how to organise the "100 bicycles for 100 children." There are associations with a lot of experience in this field that could help us or even just give us ideas. Here are two very interesting projects:


The second, more challenging, option: those of us at JunaProject organise everything from fund-raising, to searching for bikes and maintaining them, to the paperwork and logistics.

We have lots of ideas, and I am sure you do too... so, if you have suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time!