The Project:

Here's the plan: repair three vintage bicycles, one that can be folded, the second that can be disassembled, and the third one that can be extended and shortened.

Once fixed, we will leave our homes, and explore the world. Each bike will take a different path, riding through the unknown and encountering different people and cultures.

The idea behind this project is to pass on the bikes from friend to friend, highlighting the principle of sharing in general, and letting them travel around the world. 

It's a different way to travel and see the world. We will start as explorers, however we will leave our three beautiful bikes to other people, who will continue the journey living this experience.

Our aim is to document this wonderful adventure with your stories, videos, photos that will be uploaded on our website and eventually on other social networks!

100 Missions

One of the goals of the JunaProject is to have fun with the bicycles... We want to laugh and to interact with people in an amusing way! We just want to be happy and feel the air in our hair!

For this reason, we have thought up 100 special missions to be carried out during this trip. Every rider has the opportunity to choose one of the many missions available.

Fun is guaranteed!

Why are we doing this

JunaProject is not only about bicycle sharing, it is also a project about friendship and respect.

To express all this, we have decided to use bicycles because it is a sustainable and ecological way to move around. The pace of the bicycle allows us to best observe everything that surrounds us. 

These bicycles are easy to carry, they can be folded, disassembled or shortened, and they can be easily placed on any means of transportation, be it train, car, boat, or airplane. 

Will our bicycles arrive as far as Milan? Vienna? Paris? Rome? Will they reach other continents? Will they be able to push even further, crossing oceans, deserts, and mountains? 

We are looking forward to following our bikes and their adventures!

About Us

The idea for this project began to take shape in the summer of 2012 during a trip to Thailand and Indonesia. There was a lot of inspiration to be found there, from "booksharing" and "bikesharing", to transport on the island of Trawangan where you can only travel by foot or bicycle.

Lucas Realini, founder of JunaProject

Friends and relatives were later involved in long discussions and debates, and have worked actively to develop JunaProject.

We are from Ticino, a beautiful region of Switzerland… We love to travel, dream a lot, and ride any type of bicycle!  

After countless adventures around the world, we have decided to live "the journey" in a different way by creating this platform and sharing this experiment with whoever would like to follow us.

100 Missions = 100 Bicycles for 100 Childrens

We have created a fundraising campaign to collect donations from private individuals or sponsors.

After the 100 missions have been completed, or at the end of this project, we will donate 100 bicycles to 100 children, who walk from home to school every day.

For more information please click on this link.

Risks and challenges

There are many challenges and of course, many questions may arise.

Will we be able to manage the "online" part (website, social media, email, data transfer, etc.)?
Will we be able to update the current location of each bicycle?
Will we receive all the necessary information from the cyclists?
How much time will the bicycles hold out without breaking?
How shall we proceed if a bicycle gets lost?
Etc. etc.

For this reason, we have created a specific FAQ - HOW TO - INSTRUCTIONS section, to reduce the risks and explain our project in more detail. 



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