JunaProject is a project about our three vintage bicycles and a very special journey around the world! Click on the "About" section for more details

>>> Departure Day: May 3, 2014 <<<




This is Juna 1! This beautiful folding bike was purchased at the “Ricicletta“ workshop in Lugano. It is a French "Motoconfort" folding bike produced around 1975. Unfortunately, the previous owners and the story...

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This is Juna 2!   This is an extraordinary kind of bicycle. It can be lengthened and shortened. It was found in the suburbs of Milan in the care of a racing bicycle...

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This is Juna 3! Juna 3 is a bicycle produced by Bianchi in 1968 and it is still in excellent condition. It is 45 years old, and it had been left unused...

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